Who we are


We are Italian acoustic panel and chair designers.

Our focus is on designing sophisticated acoustic wall panels and acoustic furniture for many applications whether it is an office or home office, cinema or auditorium, studio, school, library or hospitality establishment. In fact, our job is to contain all those troublesome noise monsters that make their way into our everyday lives! 


''We are all about style and design.''

Of course, the technical properties of an acoustic product are important however when it comes to your work or play environment the visual and overall feel of the space is equally important. 



What We Do


NoiseMonster acoustic products come to life through the vision of our Art & Design Team. For us, style and visual appearance are equally as important as the acoustic technical properties of our products. We also custom design our acoustic products according to clients' needs and specification.


Our Architectural & Engineering Team prepares drawings based on wall elevations. We design sub-wall and ceiling metal structures to mechanically shape and maintain the wall and ceiling panels. All our sub-structures undergo a rigorous structural analysis to ensure the mechanical integrity of the wall elevations and ceiling layout before beginning the manufacturing process. We provide sound engineering expertise to trouble shoot any reverberation issues that may arise.


NoiseMonster designs become reality through thoughtful manufacturing techniques including precise handwork, attention to tiny details, exact machining and exquisite skills which earn our product ''PROUDLY HAND MADE'' stamp.


We prepare easy to follow installation shop drawings, for clients' own installation team. The installation of NoiseMonster panels is quick and efficient, even on the most elaborate wall and ceiling designs, using our reliable EasyFix installation system. If required, NoiseMonster Installation Team will install the panels.




''We want your space to look right, feel right and work right.''

You are making an investment into your space and you want to stay in fashion for years to come. This is where we step in.  We are artisans with an eye for mixing colour, texture, weave and shapes into our acoustic wall panels and soft seating. We are consumed with getting it right.


Our Expertise


Our NoiseMonster creative team has a fresh approach to design. Innovative, clever and original thinking insures NoiseMonster acoustic products will always be a step ahead on the design curve.


Our NoiseMonster Production Team of outstanding skilled Italian artisans will turn design & vision into reality. Made by agile artisan hands, our NoiseMonster acoustic products are flawless and impeccable works of art and dedication.


Only the best and carefully selected materials are used to create NoiseMonster acoustic products. Combined with our unique, easy to use installation system, the result are premium acoustic products - recognized and used world wide.


 You Can Depend Upon Us

We will deliver style while eliminating the noise monsters from your everyday life while at work or at play. 

No noise monster is too big or too small. 

Say SILENCE to the Noise Monsters!